Tom Hiddleston And Ben Wheatley Together Again?

Hard Boiled is a three-issue, acclaimed graphic novel published by American company Dark Horse Comics in 1990-1992. Set in a dark, dystopian future, the series follows the story of an every-day insurance investigator, Carl Seltz, (husband, father, dog-owner) who discovers his true identity as a ultra-violent cyborg tax collector codenamed Nixon.  Nixon’s fits of rage, violence, and faulty programming, plus his third identity as Number Four, a corporate assassin, lead to his involvement in a secret robot revolution where he may be the key to victory. Frank Miller and Geof Darrow won the 1991 Eisner award for Best Writer/Artist for this series.

Fri 31 Mar 2017, on BBC Radio 5 Live, Kermode & Mayo Film Review program, Wheatley confirmed his involvement.

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