Avengers Infinity War fan event: Tom Hiddleston on WHY Loki hands Tesseract to Thanos


AVENGERS INFINITY WAR screening a special preview to London fans while stars including Brits Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Bettany and Letitia Wright answered questions.

Apr 9, 2018

At the huge fan event in London, a full 20 minute section of the movie was screened to an ecstatic crowd.

Major stars from Avengers also took to the stage, alongside directors Joe and Anthony Russo. The local heroes were also joined by US stars Elizabeth Olsen and Sebastian Stan.

Host for the evening was Edith Bowman who had a little chat with each actor as they came on stage.

The secrecy surrounding Infinity War is already legendary, especially with the directors sitting right there, but the audience gasped when Hiddleston dropped a cheeky ‘spoiler’ about his character Loki and the fate of the Space Stone.

The trailers have shown the Asgardian kneeling and offering up the Infinity Stone to someone, presumably Thanos.

What is happening and why? Has Loki swtched sies ahgain? Or is this the much-rumoured moment when the Trickster finally meets his end?

Hiddleston thrilled the crowd with his unexpected revelation…

"In Avengers 1 Loki arrives on Earth with the sceptre, which contains one of the Infinity Stones which Thanos needs to collect – or used to contain until it resided in the head of the very fine form of Paul Bethany (Vision)."

Hiddleston added: “And also the Tesseract is another one. (It contains) the Space Stone and Loki and the Tesseract also go way back. And some of you have seen the trailer so I’m not spoiling anything."

With the audience laughing and thE Russo brothers looking on in warning, the Brit star wasn't finished.

He teased: “I wonder why he’s offering up the Stone?"

Hiddleston said: "And I think Loki, in my head, he’s forgotten his cards at home and he doesn’t have any cash and he’s bought the Avengers this pizza and now it’s like ‘What have you got?’ And he’s like, ‘Here, have the Tesseract.’

"That’s what I think.”

The audience groans and laughter confirmed Hiddelston's explanation was hugely entertaining, as expected, but sadly is unlikely to be what is shown in the movie. Fans will have to wait a few more weeks to find out what really happens.