Dracula (2006)

Tom Hiddleston stars as Jonathan Harker with David Suchet as Dracula in Liz Lochhead's BBC radio adaptation of the classic novel by Bram Stoker.

Solicitor Jonathan Harker sets off for Transylvania to sell mysterious Count Dracula a Gothic mansion, despite his bride-to-be Mina's pleading for him to stay.

On arrival at Dracula's keep, deep in a black forest and surrounded by wolves, Harker wishes he had listened to Mina. The Count is welcoming but unnerving. Even in sleep, Harker can find no peace.

Back in Whitby, Mina is increasingly worried. She has had no word from Jonathan, and her sister Lucy, newly engaged, is becoming pale and thin.

Suspenseful and chilling, it retains all the eerie dread and eroticism of Stoker's horror novel. Originally broadcast broadcast on the World Service in 2006.  Duration:  2 hrs.

Audiobook excerpt