We Challenged Maisie Williams And Tom Hiddleston To A Game Of Prehistoric Pictionary

January 26, 2018
Ellie Bate
BuzzFeed Staff

You'll probably recognise Tom Hiddleston and Maisie Williams from two of the world's biggest franchises: Tom as Loki, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's resident antagonist, and Maisie as Arya Stark, Game of Thrones' young woman on a deadly mission. Now they – along with Eddie Redmayne – are lending their voices to Early Man, the newest animation from Aardman Studios.

The film tells the tale of a tribe of cavemen trying to navigate the transition from Stone Age to Bronze Age. So when we got the opportunity to meet with Tom and Maisie to talk about the film, we decided to challenge them to a little game of Prehistoric Pictionary...

Tom Hiddleston: Maisie, are you ready?

Maisie Williams: I’m ready. Let’s go. Thirty seconds on the clock.


MW: A…man? Oh, Lord Nooth!

TH: Yes, but he loves…

MW: Lord Nooth building a snowman. Cooking? Lord Nooth cooking!

TH: No! That was so bad. It was the Bronze Age. Why was Lord Nooth cooking not an option? I was trying to do a bucket of bronze.



TH: A stocking. A Christmas stocking. A dog. Hognob!

MW: Kind of, but what is he?

TH: A pig. A hog. He’s a figure. He’s an animation. A clay figure.

MW: No! What other animals look like this?

TH: A warthog!

MW: Yes! That’s incredible.

TH: Nine points to Gryffindor.



MW: A hedgehog?

TH: No, that’s absolutely terrible. I have to start again.

MW: A triceratops!

TH: Yes! Do I get to keep going?

BuzzFeed: No.

TH: No? Oh, OK. That’s an insight into family Christmases. [laughs] I feel so much better.


MW: Aw! OK, they sort of look a bit like this.

TH: A pterodactyl.

MW: Yes!

TH: Amazing! It also looks like a fighter jet. That’s actually brilliant, without any re-strokes.



MW: A cloud. The sun. Raining. Nick [Park, Early Man's director]?

TH: No, that was so bad! That’s my attempt at drawing Eddie’s character, Dug, to represent a caveman. I have signally failed to do that.

MW: That’s quite a hard one. I wouldn’t know what I’d draw. [laughing] Nick Park?

TH: It does look like a cloud, but I was trying to get his shaggy hair. It was a bad place to start, I think. It doesn’t matter, I’ll live to fight another day.


MW: OK. OK. Start the clock!

TH: That’s confidence, I like that.

TH: An arrow. A spear!

MW: Yes! That was an easy one.


MW: A bone! But it’s going to be… It’s off to a good start. Fossil!

TH: YES! Come on! I can’t believe you got that, that was great. I’m really flattered that you think that’s a bone. It looks like a man in freefall.

BF: OK, it’s 3–2 to Maisie.

MW: I have been very lucky in the ones I’ve selected.


TH: A mountain range.

MW: No, it’s got one of these…

TH: A tail? An elephant. A mammoth!

MW: Yes! But it’s got, like…

TH: A woolly mammoth!

MW: Yes! That is a woolly mammoth, believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen. I was there, I know what they look like.

TH: It’s a really good woolly mammoth. Tremendous.

MW: Maisie wins by lucky draw.

TH: This is what I give you for that. That’s a winning thumbs-up.