Tom Hiddleston Wears a Suit Better Than Anyone Else


December 21, 2017

Not so long ago, Tom Hiddleston was a relative unknown on American shores and now he's one of the most in-demand actors and, happily for us, one of the best-dressed guys on the planet. In fact, he's your Most Stylish Man of 2017. His secret weapon is damn good tailoring that ensures the Brit cuts a mean silhouette the moment he steps on a red carpet. He's the king of the roped-shoulder suit, so much so that Gucci called him up to be the face of their tailoring lineup (see above). If that's not a vote of sartorial confidence, we don't know what his. His approach to getting dressed—and looked damn well put together every place he goes—is proof that putting in a little effort (and having a great tailor) goes a long way when it comes to getting dressed.